The Ultimate Platform for Law Firm Growth, Profit and Prosperity

LawFirmBuilder takes the guesswork out of growing your law firm and sets you on a path for rapid growth

What is LawFirmBuilder?

LawFirmBuilder is a fractional CMO Service and Educational Platform designed specifically to give law firms everything they need to grow rapidly and predictably.

What can you do at LawFirmBuilder?


Consistently growing a law firm is hard without the right help

Case generation and
cash flow cannot be a guessing game each month

Relying on employees to consistently implement solutions is a time consuming and expensive hassle

Depending on an Advertising agency for an overall growth strategy is a bad idea

All of these factors drive up Cost Per Acquisition and knowing Cost Per Acquisition or how to lower it is the difference in success and failure

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You are only 3 simple steps away from setting your firm up for massive success

Step 1 - Schedule a Strategy call directly with Keith Dyer

Schedule a Strategy call directly with Keith Dyer

Assess your firm's current stage of growth and determine what is needed to generate consistent cases and predictable revenue
Step 2 - Develop a Strategic Plan custom to your firm to grow with confidence

We will develop a Startegic Plan custom to your firm to grow with confidence

This comprehensive plan will tell us who, what and how we will grow the firm
Step 3 - Implement and Optimize systems, campaigns and conversion assets

Implement and Optimize systems, campaigns and conversion assets

Rapid and consistent implementation by our team with measurement and optimization is the key to consistent growth

How is LawFirmBuilder different?

As objective advocates we feel it is our fiduciary responsibility to grow your law from as efficiently and effectively as possible

Unlike employees, my team will be with your firm for the long term. Long enough to gain traction without having to pay too much for people that could pick up and leave at anytime taking their experience and training to another firm.
Different than agencies we are not focused on one aspect of marketing and our goal is not to get you to spend more money.
We do not take commissions for media purchases and we are exclusive to one firm per practice area in any market
Unlike coaches or masterminds we focus on IMPLEMENTATION of the client acquisition systems necessary for Predictable-Rapid Growth

What My Clients Will Tell You

I have known and worked with Keith for 30 years, he is trustworthy, hard working and most importantly he is capable of growing law firms. Keith came into our firm and worked directly with our marketing staff but also integrated his personnel to give us a powerful and experienced team to implement marketing initiatives to success. Since joining us we have lowered Cost per Acquisition and properly reallocated our marketing budget to generate more consistent cases and revenue.
Clarke Speaks, Founder and Owner of SpeaksLaw
Keith and his team at LawFirmBuilder have been our marketing partners for 7 years. In that period they have helped the firm generate substantial profits in new case generation for many different projects. They are trustworthy and conscientious about marketing their partner law firms.
Drew Brown, Founder, The Greensboro Law Center
The LawFirmBuilder team helped me launch my firm. They have been a trusted partner that delivers on their promises to help me grow.
Eric Richardson, Founder, ER Law

As featured on The Un-Billable Hour Podcast

Artificial Intelligence: Just Plain Smart Marketing

In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, host Christopher Anderson talks to LawFirmBuilder’s Keith Dyer about how law firms can use AI to improve their marketing efforts. They discuss the three different types of AI (robotics, natural language processing, and machine learning), their capabilities, and how they could impact the future of legal marketing.

About Keith Dyer, TheLawFirmBuilder – Fractional CMO for Law firms

  • Graduate of the MIT Sloan School of Business – Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Business (Digital Marketing, Digital Platforms and Digital Transformation)
  • MIT Sloan School of Business – Certificate in Artificial Intelligence
  • Harvard Business School Online – Certificate in Entrepreneurialism
  • Owner of Necessary Marketing since 2002  – Ad Agency that specializes in utilizing multiple channels from traditional and digital media to work together for maximum performance.
  • Clients include East Carolina University, Lorillard Tobacco, VF Corporation and multiple law firms over 2 decades
  • Fractional CMO for multiple law firms in various markets

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